Inspired by Man’s Adventures into Space

In the 1960s the human race was about to do something it had never done before; journey into the unknown of space. At the time, scientists were feverishly working on solutions to the challenge of keeping astronauts alive during these adventures, and one of their biggest tasks was creating a food source that would be compact, nutrient dense and easily digestible.

The reason for all the research was simple; astronauts would be tasked to accomplish many things under extreme duress, both physical and mental. Scientists postulated that they would need a food source better than what most humans typically eat, with more protein for strength, carbohydrates for energy and of course vitamins and minerals. This food source would also need to be extremely lightweight and compact due to the fact that the astronauts would be traveling in an extremely small capsule, where storage space was at a premium. Also, they would need to be “shelf stable” and not spoil easily.

From this early research sprang The Survival Tabs, a highly nutritious, extremely compact and portable food source that’s easily absorbed by the human digestive system and has a very long shelf life.

Today’s Survival Tabs contain 100% of the US RDA of 15 vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates for short-term energy, proteins for strength, healthy fats for long-term energy and vitamins and minerals for healthy function, The Survival Tabs are a potent food source. At the same time, they are extremely compact and portable, and can be taken practically anywhere that humans can go, from the deepest jungle to the highest mountains and everywhere in between. Lastly, they have an incredibly long shelf life of 25 years, stability that’s uncommon in the food world.

Born of American ingenuity, and with 60 years of research behind them, The Survival Tabs are the premier survival food source for the 21st century.