• the survival tabs testimonial

    The Survival Tabs – Chocolate Flavor

    “I had the fortunate opportunity to try Survival Tabs about two months ago when I was given a sample of Vanilla Malt by a company representative. Not only was I spectacularly impressed by the ingredients, but I was most amazed by the vitamin and mineral content.

    Survival Tabs contain 15 essential vitamins and minerals up to and including 100% Vitamins A, C, D and E as well as 100% Thiamin (b1), Riboflavin (b2), Niacin (b3), Pyroxidine (b6), Folic Acid (b9), Cyanocobalamin (b12) and Pantothenic Acid (b5). Survival Tabs also contain 100% Iron, Iodine, Zinc and Manganese which helps to promote and maintain women’s health.

    Since I started taking one chocolate tab a day for the last month as a meal replacement/vitamin supplement, I have not only lost the initial weight of 5-8 lbs specified on the bottle, but I have a much improved and healthier gastrointestinal system. The B vitamins found in Survival Tabs have greatly enhanced the effects of the medication that I take for PTSD and depression– virtually eliminating my anxiety and increasing my overall affect.

    Whether you are a “survivalist” or just looking for a convenient nutritional supplement, Survival Tabs are a unique and viable product that has proven to be nothing but an outstanding boon to me. Enjoy!!!!!!