No matter what type of sports or outdoor activities you’re into, whether it’s mountain-biking, snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, kayaking or simply walking around town at a brisk pace, the nutritional benefits of The Survival Tabs will give you everything you need to make it to the end of the trail in great shape.

It all starts with The Survival Tabs high quality, highly nutritious ingredients. Packed into every Tab are carbohydrates, which give your body a quick boost of energy whenever you need it. There’s also plenty of protein and healthy fats in The Survival Tabs, to give you long-term energy so that you don’t conk-out halfway down the trail. And don’t forget the vitamins and minerals they contain too, that help every part of your body to function at a high capacity.

Almost as important as the nutritional value of The Survival Tabs are the fact that they’re quickly and easily absorbed by your body’s digestive system. What most people don’t realize is that only about 60% of the foods we eat are actually absorbed by our bodies, meaning that 40% (or more) of that food is completely wasted, along with any protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and healthy fats it might contain.

Compare that to The Survival Tabs, which are nearly 95% absorbed by your body, and you quickly realize that you don’t need to carry around a huge amount of food in order to get excellent nutrition, you just need food that your body can actually use and absorb. Just 1 or 2 Survival Tabs contain the nutritional equivalent of two or 3 pounds of food!

Speaking of which, another excellent benefit of The Survival Tabs, especially when you’re out in the wilderness, up on the side of a mountain or otherwise far away from civilization, is that they’re extremely compact, lightweight and portable. You get all the excellent nutrition your body needs to have awesome adventures but, at the same time, The Survival Tabs take up very little space and don’t weigh you down.

So no matter what amazing sports or fantastic outdoor activities you love, the next time you head out on a new adventure make sure to pack The Survival Tabs in with your gear. They’re highly nutritious, compact, lightweight and delicious, and will give your body the energy it needs to tackle anything the trail might throw at you!