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Inspired by Man’s Adventures into Space

In the 1960s, the human race was about to do something it had never done before; journey into the unknown of space. At the time, scientists were feverishly working on solutions to the challenge of keeping astronauts alive during these adventures, and one of their biggest tasks was creating a food source that would be compact, nutrient dense and easily digestible.

The reason for all the research was simple; astronauts would be tasked to accomplish many things under extreme duress, both physical and mental. Scientists postulated that they would need a food source better than what most humans typically eat, with more protein for strength, carbohydrates for energy and of course vitamins and minerals. This food source would also need to be extremely lightweight and compact due to the fact that the astronauts would be traveling in an extremely small capsule, where storage space was at a premium. Also, they would need to be “shelf stable” and not spoil easily.

From this early research sprang The Survival Tabs, a highly nutritious, extremely compact and portable food source that’s easily absorbed by the human digestive system and has a very long shelf life.

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No matter what type of sports or outdoor activities you’re into, whether it’s mountain-biking, snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, kayaking or simply walking around town at a brisk pace, the nutritional benefits.

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The Survival tabs are ultra high-calorie food tablets that provide full vitamin and mineral requirements, protein for strength, carbohydrates, dextrose and lactose for fast energy in desperate circumstances.

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The Survival Tabs are the ultimate companion in the event of an emergency. Dating back to the early Space Program in the 1960s, this emergency food ration provides the best possible nutrition in the smallest volume.

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For decades, prepping has been viewed by the majority as an over-zealous approach to emergencies by conspiracy theorists. More and more, people are beginning to see the value and importance of being prepared.

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  • Crickett Green the survival tabs for natural disaster1

    The Survival Tabs – A product that is self describes as emergency survival food

    Crickett Green

  • the survival tabs-15 day food supply-food replacement for army-CAPTAIN O'SHAUGHNESSY - ARIZONA MILITIA

    15 Days worth of Sustainable Food in 1 Small Package!!! Instant absorption of needed Nutrients and Protein into the Body = Energy on Demand.


  • They taste great and they are being sold at a bargain of a price.I always like to plan ahead and this product has helped me do so. I have purchased a few of these to keep in my emergency kit. Whatever the emergency is I know I have a good stock of emergency food that will help me out if I ever need it. It has a 25 year shelf life so I don’t need to worry about it going bad and the best part of it is that it is chocolate flavored. I tasted 1 packets just to make sure it’s safe to eat and there are no unwanted side effects and there were none. They taste great and they are being sold at a bargain of a price

    Talbert G. - Lincoln, NE

  • Saver for a full video games day. I love this product. For a lazy indoorsman this product is a saver for a full video games day.With it on my desk, I don't have to bother what to eat when my hands are busying with the keyboard and mice.

    Karen E. - Des Moines, IA

  • It made my life much easier when I am hungry and lazy to cook anything. I bought it a month ago and had it occasionally over the month. It made my life much easier when I am hungry and lazy to cook anything. With one or two tab of this product, my craving for food is suppressed and I can go back and focus on what I was doing.

    Kai C. - Littleton, CO

  • A must have for hikers. I hike a lot and I brought this product with me in my last hike, which took about a day.
    I really enjoyed how this product helped me get rid of all other bulky food and snacks I carried with me in other hikes.
    With these tabs, I don’t need any other food for a day hike and I remain the same level of energy as usual.

    Cynthia Greenberg

  • “Yeah, this is perfect!” I showed this to my boyfriend, a man who is like two steps away from being considered a “prepper” and he was like, “Yeah, this is perfect!” He looked at the ingredients and said that this would work and be able to sustain you for a little bit. I don’t know a whole lot about this stuff (that’s why I’m with him, if the end of the world comes I’m going to need to be around someone who knows what the … they are doing). Anyway, I’m glad I have these because we also like to go camping and it’s really easy to just put a few of these in a baggie and take them along with us just in case.

    Sara J. - Jacksonville, FL

  • Great for those who work late at night. I have had it for a week before I write this review. I have to work late at night sometimes. And I have this craving for food after about 11 pm, but I know it’s not good for me to eat a meal because it’s too late that my stomach has to rest. This product solved my problem. One tab, and that’s all.

    Hazel Moira

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